Daal Makhni Lunch Meal Idea

Easy Indian Meal Ideas

We all inspiration for cooking everyday meals. On some days we run out of ideas of what to cook.

This collection of everyday simple recipes will help you prepare lunch or dinner with minimum efforts.

  • Daal Makhni Lunch Meal Idea
  • Bengali Illish Maach Recipes
  • Everyday Bengali Recipes - Maach er Jhal, Musoor Dal  Pui Shak Chorchori
  • Everyday Simple Indian Recipes - Chole Bhaturey, Aloo Sabji  Raita
  • Everyday Simple Bengali Lunch Ideas - Bhat, Doi Maach, Arhar Dal
  • Everyday Indian Recipes - Dal Makhni, Kurkuri Bhindi, Raita, Chapatti

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Planning A Trip To Bhutan In 2017?

Have you been thinking of visiting Bhutan? If Yes, then we give you some reasons to pack your bags and set out for it in 2017.

A country which measures its growth and prosperity with happiness quotient and not money, has to be on our bucket-list. Once here, all you see are happy and smiling faces and uninhibited natural beauty supporting exotic flora and fauna.

Bhutan is a country which has almost 60% of its land covered with forest making it one of the few remaining biodiversity hotspots on this Earth.

If all this tickles your mind, read some of the key highlights of this mountain kingdom at Why A Trip To Bhutan’s Jigme Dorji National Park Should Be In Your Bucket-list!

How To Prepare For A Hiking Trip?

Jigme Dorji National Park in Bhutan is known as a trekking haven among a large number of adventure loving international tourists. They come here each year to experience the beauty of this place and to reach the monastery situated at the top. Although the trail is not much difficult, but it may knock out anybody who is not experienced or doesn’t know the tips and tricks of hiking.

jigme dorji national park bhutan

Being unprepared on these trips can cost you big as you are up for a long distance hiking trail with no assistance available. During this time you are completely on your own and rely heavily on your understanding of the environment and how you can convert unfavorable to something favorable. To help you with that, we have compiled a short list with which you can start planning for your adventure trip. Read more about Jigme Dorji National Park, here.


easy bengali recipes

Indian Recipe Guide Book For Vegans

Who Are Vegans?

If you scour through several websites and other offline publications like Dictionary, there is only one understanding of this word, and that is, a person who abstains from consuming any food that has animals as its source.

So, are we talking about Vegetarians? Well, this terminology spreads a little bit more. It includes those people as well who abstain from consuming Dairy Products as well, along with Eggs, Meat, and Fish. So, basically a Vegan Diet means a lifestyle which completely excludes all food items that are sources from an animal.

Veganism: A Diet or A Philosophy

It might be surprising to know that the philosophy of Veganism has been around for few centuries now. And, yes! It is a philosophy where its proponents believes that humans should stop exploiting animals for its benefits. In the earlier days, with Non-Dairy Vegetarianism was founded which dictated the dietary part of the Vegan belief. The ‘Ethical Vegan’ term is often used for the practice where one denounces any kind of dependence on animals for their own benefits.An example would be avoiding using animal fur, leather or wool for purposes of apparel.

In the last few years, Vegan diets have become much popular after scientists noted that this kind of diet is generally richer in terms of Dietary Fibers and Minerals like Magnesium, Folic Acid, Iron and several Vitamins.

Vegan Diet With Indian Cooking:

In India, a large chunk of population still adhere to a strict Vegetarian Diet which completely excludes any kind of Meat, Fish, Eggs, etc. While they may not exclude the Dairy products, however, they are seldom used in the process of everyday cooking.

In Bengali cooking, the Clarified Butter or Ghee and Butter are rarely used to prepare any dish. Those are generally kept for the special dishes which are cooked on special occasions. As a result, most of the dishes which are being made on a regular basis turn out to be Vegan and extremely healthy for those who are trying to include a larger portion of Vegetable in their diet.

Here, we have a list of some of the easiest Indian Vegan Recipes which can be even perfect for a weekday dinner!

There is only one thing that a Vegan has to bear in mind, and that is along with a special diet like this, it is extremely important to take a supplement of Vitamin B12, which is only produced by a group of Bacteria and cannot be found in any plant-based food.

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It’s Everybody’s Cup of Tea – Tea Cafes & Lounges

It might be hard to believe but in some part of the world, Tea is the most popular beverage. here, coffee has to comfortably sit at the second position as the tea lovers take a major lead. While the traditional ways of having Tea with friends and family is still in practice, there has been a rise in the number of Tea Cafes and Tea Lounges in the cities.

Popularity of Tea Cafes & Lounges:

These Tea Cafes not only serve plain and simple Tea but they have taken the culture of having Tea up by a few notches by serving various customization into your favorite cuppa. Now, one can choose from various kinds of Tea, and we are simply not talking about your choice between Black Tea or Green Tea! With Master Tea Tasters at their end, they are offering a mind-boggling number of unique blends of Tea Leaves, that leave you enjoying a different aroma than your usual cup of this beverage.

Tea Cafes Are Not Just About Tea:

While the Tea they serve might be the main reason behind its popularity, there are several other factors which determine the popularity of a particular Tea Cafe. A popular survey of the consumers over the major cities of the world, as well as, India has revealed that the choice of menu, ambiance of the cafe, and, even the Tea-wares they serve in makes a difference in their popularity quotient.

Popular Tea Cafes in India:

Over the past few years, these Tea Cafes have become a popular hangout place for the young members of the urban society. Popular names like Chaayos, Chai Point, Sancha Tea Boutique, etc., are catering to the tea-loving society of our country. With their innovative product ideas and expansion strategies, they have been hugely successful in re-introducing the culture of drinking tea with friends and family.

Every name in this tea industry has a story behind it. It is interesting to read about how they began and what are their future plans. Every Tea Cafe & Lounge has a USP which makes it stand apart from another. To know more about that and many other aspects, read Tea Cafe Trend: It’s Everybody’s Cup Of Tea

kurmasana yoga pose

Kurmasana or Tortoise Pose : Reach Inner Peace With Yoga

This is a vehicle that takes us to an inward journey that leads to happiness and inner peace!

This has been prophesied by the ancient holy men or Sages, as we call them, since time immemorial. In numerous text books, Yoga Asanas has been found documented with their benefits. The Kurmasana, among them is the one that is relevant to us today, as more than ever.

Life has become a constant struggle which requires everyone at the top of their game. It is a daily battle to prove your worth in every field in order to sustain and survive in this highly competitive world. Among all this, one thing which witnesses a higher degree of erosion is a sense of balance in our lives.

Balance of Life? What’s that??

We wake up every morning with a reminder from our alarm that we have to get ready to stake ourselves out in this fierce-full jungle of dreams and reality. But few hours down the line, we feel exhausted the same as we were the last night before going to bed. So, is it really the sleep which our body is getting deprived off? Some of us complain of feeling drowsy and lethargic even after catching a good night sleep of over 6 hours at night. So, where did we go wrong?

It is the  mental relaxation that our mind as well as our body is craving for. While there are many tried and tested ways of getting your mind relaxed, yoga is something that can be incorporated in your busy lives in the easiest possible manner.

Steps of Achieving Inner Peace with Kurmasana

To thoroughly relax your mind as well as your soul, read Steps To Reach Your Inner Soul at SpeakingAloud Magazine, with detailed description of each yoga asanas depicted through pose images.

O' Coqueiro Garden Restaurant Diu

When In Diu, Always Look For Beach, Sun and O’ Coqueiro

Enjoy The Laid Back Life Of Diu At O’ Coqueiro Garden Restaurant

A weekend trip to Diu can be something which can be aptly described as a ‘paradise getaway’. Beautiful island city with a bevy of beaches which offers you a great view of the Arabian Sea. Unless one visits this island, they may not know how beautiful it is to gaze upon the overlapping waves while resting under the shade of coconut trees. The ocean breeze, sun, sea food, and some country  music, all these make for a true vacation goals. One place that offers all these together is the O’ Coqueiro Garden Restaurant.

o coqueiro garden restaurant diuGarden Restaurant of Diu That Serves Best Crabs of Diu and Plays Beatles

This may appear to your as a shack operated out of somebody’s front garden, but once you sit down for a beer or two, the food and the ambiance is going to blow your mind. Owing to that reason only, it is always packed with the foreign travelers visiting Diu.

A good restaurant that serves a choice of sea food is relatively hard here in Diu. Due to its proximity to Gujarat, which is predominantly a vegetarian state, most of the food outlets cater to the vegetarian visitors. O’ Coqueiro offers a delectable Portuguese-inspired sea food-dominated menu that brings freshness to the stay at this island.

This Diu garden restaurant has another trick upon its sleeve that charms its visitors and makes them come back again and again. Read about that at Homely Garden Restaurant of Diu – O’ Coqueiro along with the USP’s of this garden restaurant, visitor’s review and how to reach it.

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