Easy Indian Dal recipes

Lentils or Dals are pantry basics for Indian cuisine. It is a part of everyday cooking and offers nourishment to those who prefer meatless meals. For a country where the major chunk of population prefers vegetarian food, dals offer cheap and easy way of filling up the daily calorie intake.

Daal Makhni Lunch Meal Idea

Easy Indian Meal Ideas

We all inspiration for cooking everyday meals. On some days we run out of ideas of what to cook. This collection of everyday simple recipes will help you prepare lunch or dinner with minimum efforts. Daal Makhni Lunch Meal IdeaBengali Illish Maach Recipes Everyday Bengali Recipes - Maach er Jhal, Musoor Dal Pui Shak ChorchoriEveryday …

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Planning A Trip To Bhutan In 2017?

Have you been thinking of visiting Bhutan? If Yes, then we give you some reasons to pack your bags and set out for it in 2017. A country which measures its growth and prosperity with happiness quotient and not money, has to be on our bucket-list. Once here, all you see are happy and smiling …

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How To Prepare For A Hiking Trip?

Jigme Dorji National Park in Bhutan is known as a trekking haven among a large number of adventure loving international tourists. They come here each year to experience the beauty of this place and to reach the monastery situated at the top. Although the trail is not much difficult, but it may knock out anybody who …

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easy bengali recipes

Indian Recipe Guide Book For Vegans

Who Are Vegans? If you scour through several websites and other offline publications like Dictionary, there is only one understanding of this word, and that is, a person who abstains from consuming any food that has animals as its source. So, are we talking about Vegetarians? Well, this terminology spreads a little bit more. It …

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