Kurmasana or Tortoise Pose : Reach Inner Peace With Yoga

This is a vehicle that takes us to an inward journey that leads to happiness and inner peace!

This has been prophesied by the ancient holy men or Sages, as we call them, since time immemorial. In numerous text books, Yoga Asanas has been found documented with their benefits. The Kurmasana, among them is the one that is relevant to us today, as more than ever.

Life has become a constant struggle which requires everyone at the top of their game. It is a daily battle to prove your worth in every field in order to sustain and survive in this highly competitive world. Among all this, one thing which witnesses a higher degree of erosion is a sense of balance in our lives.

Balance of Life? What’s that??

We wake up every morning with a reminder from our alarm that we have to get ready to stake ourselves out in this fierce-full jungle of dreams and reality. But few hours down the line, we feel exhausted the same as we were the last night before going to bed. So, is it really the sleep which our body is getting deprived off? Some of us complain of feeling drowsy and lethargic even after catching a good night sleep of over 6 hours at night. So, where did we go wrong?

It is the  mental relaxation that our mind as well as our body is craving for. While there are many tried and tested ways of getting your mind relaxed, yoga is something that can be incorporated in your busy lives in the easiest possible manner.

Steps of Achieving Inner Peace with Kurmasana

To thoroughly relax your mind as well as your soul, read Steps To Reach Your Inner Soul at SpeakingAloud Magazine, with detailed description of each yoga asanas depicted through pose images.


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