It’s Everybody’s Cup of Tea – Tea Cafes & Lounges

It might be hard to believe but in some part of the world, Tea is the most popular beverage. here, coffee has to comfortably sit at the second position as the tea lovers take a major lead. While the traditional ways of having Tea with friends and family is still in practice, there has been a rise in the number of Tea Cafes and Tea Lounges in the cities.

Popularity of Tea Cafes & Lounges:

These Tea Cafes not only serve plain and simple Tea but they have taken the culture of having Tea up by a few notches by serving various customization into your favorite cuppa. Now, one can choose from various kinds of Tea, and we are simply not talking about your choice between Black Tea or Green Tea! With Master Tea Tasters at their end, they are offering a mind-boggling number of unique blends of Tea Leaves, that leave you enjoying a different aroma than your usual cup of this beverage.

Tea Cafes Are Not Just About Tea:

While the Tea they serve might be the main reason behind its popularity, there are several other factors which determine the popularity of a particular Tea Cafe. A popular survey of the consumers over the major cities of the world, as well as, India has revealed that the choice of menu, ambiance of the cafe, and, even the Tea-wares they serve in makes a difference in their popularity quotient.

Popular Tea Cafes in India:

Over the past few years, these Tea Cafes have become a popular hangout place for the young members of the urban society. Popular names like Chaayos, Chai Point, Sancha Tea Boutique, etc., are catering to the tea-loving society of our country. With their innovative product ideas and expansion strategies, they have been hugely successful in re-introducing the culture of drinking tea with friends and family.

Every name in this tea industry has a story behind it. It is interesting to read about how they began and what are their future plans. Every Tea Cafe & Lounge has a USP which makes it stand apart from another. To know more about that and many other aspects, read Tea Cafe Trend: It’s Everybody’s Cup Of Tea


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