Indian Recipe Guide Book For Vegans

Who Are Vegans?

If you scour through several websites and other offline publications like Dictionary, there is only one understanding of this word, and that is, a person who abstains from consuming any food that has animals as its source.

So, are we talking about Vegetarians? Well, this terminology spreads a little bit more. It includes those people as well who abstain from consuming Dairy Products as well, along with Eggs, Meat, and Fish. So, basically a Vegan Diet means a lifestyle which completely excludes all food items that are sources from an animal.

Veganism: A Diet or A Philosophy

It might be surprising to know that the philosophy of Veganism has been around for few centuries now. And, yes! It is a philosophy where its proponents believes that humans should stop exploiting animals for its benefits. In the earlier days, with Non-Dairy Vegetarianism was founded which dictated the dietary part of the Vegan belief. The ‘Ethical Vegan’ term is often used for the practice where one denounces any kind of dependence on animals for their own benefits.An example would be avoiding using animal fur, leather or wool for purposes of apparel.

In the last few years, Vegan diets have become much popular after scientists noted that this kind of diet is generally richer in terms of Dietary Fibers and Minerals like Magnesium, Folic Acid, Iron and several Vitamins.

Vegan Diet With Indian Cooking:

In India, a large chunk of population still adhere to a strict Vegetarian Diet which completely excludes any kind of Meat, Fish, Eggs, etc. While they may not exclude the Dairy products, however, they are seldom used in the process of everyday cooking.

In Bengali cooking, the Clarified Butter or Ghee and Butter are rarely used to prepare any dish. Those are generally kept for the special dishes which are cooked on special occasions. As a result, most of the dishes which are being made on a regular basis turn out to be Vegan and extremely healthy for those who are trying to include a larger portion of Vegetable in their diet.

Here, we have a list of some of the easiest Indian Vegan Recipes which can be even perfect for a weekday dinner!

There is only one thing that a Vegan has to bear in mind, and that is along with a special diet like this, it is extremely important to take a supplement of Vitamin B12, which is only produced by a group of Bacteria and cannot be found in any plant-based food.

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One thought on “Indian Recipe Guide Book For Vegans

  1. I am Vegan – no eggs, meat, fish etc; but don’t shy away from wearing clothes made of leather, fur etc. Good to read this post.

    Also, B12 is indeed a recommended supplement for everybody. In fact, even D20 is suggested.


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