Planning A Trip To Bhutan In 2017?

Have you been thinking of visiting Bhutan? If Yes, then we give you some reasons to pack your bags and set out for it in 2017.

A country which measures its growth and prosperity with happiness quotient and not money, has to be on our bucket-list. Once here, all you see are happy and smiling faces and uninhibited natural beauty supporting exotic flora and fauna.

Bhutan is a country which has almost 60% of its land covered with forest making it one of the few remaining biodiversity hotspots on this Earth.

If all this tickles your mind, read some of the key highlights of this mountain kingdom at Why A Trip To Bhutan Should Be In Your Bucket-list!


How To Prepare For A Hiking Trip?

Jigme Dorji National Park in Bhutan is known as a trekking haven among a large number of adventure loving international tourists. They come here each year to experience the beauty of this place and to reach the monastery situated at the top. Although the trail is not much difficult, but it may knock out anybody who is not experienced or doesn’t know the tips and tricks of hiking.

jigme dorji national park bhutan

Being unprepared on these trips can cost you big as you are up for a long distance hiking trail with no assistance available. During this time you are completely on your own and rely heavily on your understanding of the environment and how you can convert unfavorable to something favorable. To help you with that, we have compiled a short list with which you can start planning for your adventure trip. Read more about it, here.


O' Coqueiro Garden Restaurant Diu

When In Diu, Always Look For Beach, Sun and O’ Coqueiro

Enjoy The Laid Back Life Of Diu At O’ Coqueiro Garden Restaurant

A weekend trip to Diu can be something which can be aptly described as a ‘paradise getaway’. Beautiful island city with a bevy of beaches which offers you a great view of the Arabian Sea. Unless one visits this island, they may not know how beautiful it is to gaze upon the overlapping waves while resting under the shade of coconut trees. The ocean breeze, sun, sea food, and some country  music, all these make for a true vacation goals. One place that offers all these together is the O’ Coqueiro Garden Restaurant.

o coqueiro garden restaurant diuGarden Restaurant of Diu That Serves Best Crabs of Diu and Plays Beatles

This may appear to your as a shack operated out of somebody’s front garden, but once you sit down for a beer or two, the food and the ambiance is going to blow your mind. Owing to that reason only, it is always packed with the foreign travelers visiting Diu.

A good restaurant that serves a choice of sea food is relatively hard here in Diu. Due to its proximity to Gujarat, which is predominantly a vegetarian state, most of the food outlets cater to the vegetarian visitors. O’ Coqueiro offers a delectable Portuguese-inspired sea food-dominated menu that brings freshness to the stay at this island.

This Diu garden restaurant has another trick upon its sleeve that charms its visitors and makes them come back again and again. Read about that at Homely Garden Restaurant of Diu – O’ Coqueiro along with the USP’s of this garden restaurant, visitor’s review and how to reach it.

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